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Recommended By Professionals

The first Dakea window has been finally installed in North London. We had a camera crew film the whole event. It was really great. This time instead of writing about it myself, I’ve asked the guy that actually did the work, to say few words.

Here’s a post by our new roofer, Mike Moriarty.

So just finished installing the new Dakea roof window and found it a pain free experience.

I heard about this new window coming out on the market from my local roofing yard, JJ's.  They told me it was more affordable than other brands on the market, and as I am a creature of habit I was reluctant to give it a go, but I'm glad I did.

When the window arrived on site, I needed to put my sunglasses on as the box was a bright orange, which I thought to myself was a clever way to make them stand out on the shelf, and looked pretty cool too.

After opening the box, I was surprised to find that the felt collar and insulation foam was thrown in with the window, as you usually have to buy this separately (so that saved me a few quid).

I was impressed with the quality of the wooden frame and the window itself looked very smart. Installing the window was easy for me as the brackets were easy to use, and the flashing kit was very straight forward. It only took us a few hours from start to finish, that's including trimming out the frame work, so a decent roofer could easily install two of these in a day without breaking a sweat.

When the job was finished it looked class. I was well pleased with it, and more importantly so was the customer.

As well as these windows being more cost effective than other windows on the market, you can also get cash back every time you install one, when you sign up for the Cash Club (nice few beers for the lads at the end of the year).

Anyway, I hope this little blog will help roofers, or anyone who is thinking about installing a Dakea window, but not too sure if they should give it a go. Take it from me these windows are superb!

Stay safe people

Mike the roofer.

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About Mike Moriarty and Moriarty Roofing

My name is Michael Moriarty and my company is called Moriarty Roofing, which is based in north London, and has been established for 8 years now.

I had my first experience of roofing as a young boy, when I went along with my dad and his best mate, who was a roofing contractor, one weekend. He must of thought I was a good grafter as he kept asking what I was up to the weekend, and wanted me to work instead of my old man (which pleased him no end). When I left school, I went full time and started learning my trade. After 5 years I decided to go alone and set up my own company, Moriarty Roofing. Touch wood, everything went well for me and thanks to word of mouth business grew and grew.

We take on all aspects of roofing and are always looking to learn about new roofing systems on the market to keep up with the times.

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