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Product Catalogue 2019

Better Vintage

Table of sizes

  • KCV C4A B701
  • KCV F6A B701
  • KCV M6A B701

Dakea Better Vintage stands for Superb energy performance, increased solidity of construction with a classical, vintage twist to match conservation roofs!

Dakea Better Vintage is designed to let you enjoy modern thermal performance inside, while blending with vintage roofing externally. It comprises:

  • vertical glazing bar on the middle of the pane
  • external black metal coverings (RAL 9905)
  • black flashings available for all roofing materials including plain tiles
  • can be installed recessed into slate

Dakea Better Vintage comes with an additional lacquer coating and toughened outer glass for increased durability and care free performance. The window is equipped with a ventilation valve and a handle with two additional locking positions (passive ventilation) for flexible and comfortable ventilation control.

This product has been designed and manufactured with the use of advanced technology and to the highest quality standards and is covered by an up-to-20-year-guarantee.

Dakea Better Vintage comes with Quick Install (RUC) - Underfelt foil collar, free of charge, included in the box. Quick Install speeds up the installation process and improves tightness of the construction.

Dakea Better roof windows can be installed in all roofing materials, in a roof pitch from 15 to 90 degrees.

Dakea Better Vintage and its accessories come in black boxes, so you don’t need to comprehend weird matching systems. Black box, goes with black box. Simply pick your roof window with desired flashing and enjoy the Dakea Better Vintage experience. Proper installation requires using an original Black Dakea flashing.

Technical parameters

Wide frame, laminated pine wood, 100% from FSC certified northern forests, anti-fungicide, anti-insect protection, double acrylic lacquering.


2 passive ventilation positions via handle. Sash ventilated at closed position, up to 5200mm2 equivalent area, up to 35m3/h airflow (at 10 Pa).

Glass parameters

Safety glass, toughened outer glass, SC coating, visible area of the pane increased by up to 10%.

Operational features

2 gaskets: welded sliding gasket, welded striking gasket, center-pivot, stops at any position, underfelt foil collar (RUC) included in the box

24 mm double glazing
Low E
Gas (Argon)
Ug (@/m2K)
Total solar e. Transm.
Uw (W/m2K)
Water tightness
E 1500
Air permeability
Class 4
Resistance to windload
Class C4* (*Up to 114x118)
Sound reduction (dB)
32 (-1,-5)
Natural wood

Product Catalogue 2019

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