is the perfect combination of 3 panes, with pane coating and filled with krypton gas to create improved energy efficiency of the whole window.

  • Ultima

    An exceptional roof window which excels with its superb technical parameters, unique noise reduction system, increased durability and comfort.

  • Better Safe

    A classical, centre-pivot roof window at its best. With exceptional glazing, it ensures excellent energy conservation performance, safety and comfort.


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Easy installation accessories

Dakea roof windows must be installed with Dakea original flashings. We offer a full range of flashings suitable for all roofing materials, as well as additional installation accessories for easy, fast and durable installation.

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Comfort accessories

Dakea multi-fit range of blinds stands for simplicity of installation and use. They suit your Dakea roof window perfectly and also have an excellent fit with FAKRO®, VELUX® (including new generation - V22), RoofLITE®, DAKSTRA®, Optilight® and Keylite® windows.

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Product Catalogue 2019