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Product Catalogue 2019

Universal flashing

Table of sizes

  • KUF C2A
  • KUF C4A
  • KUF F4A
  • KUF F6A
  • KUF M4A
  • KUF M6A
  • KUF M8A
  • KUF M10A
  • KUF P6A
  • KUF S6A
  • KUF S8A
  • KUF U4A
  • KUF U8A

Dakea Universal flashing (KUF)

This fits any kind of roofing material in the profile height range of 16-120 mm. The extended (and more pleated) aluminium apron ensures that you can make a perfect installation on high profile tiles, flat slates, or even on a straw roof.

*Available also in black for Dakea Vintage roof windows. Ask your sales person for a black box

Technical parameters

Product Catalogue 2019

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