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Pricelist 2018

Insulation foam collar

Table of sizes

    Dakea Insulation foam collar (IFC)

    The connection between the roof and the window is a critical area of the entire structure. To ensure maximum insulation, we recommend using the Dakea (IFC) Insulation foam collar. Due to the small space between the window and rafters it can be hard to provide 100% watertightness. The IFC forms a sealing frame around your window and restricting heat loss. IFC also helps with easier, faster and faultless installation.

    This product comes free-of charge as part of the Dakea Ultima box. For all other Dakea windows, it can be obtained as a separate accessory.

    Dakea (IFC) Insulation foam collar is not compatible with Dakea Good (KDV) windows.

    Made of: Low density PEX (or PELD)

    Dimensions of the profile: 20-30x90mm

    Provided with a self-gluing strip for an easy and secure fit.

    Technical parameters

    Pricelist 2018

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