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Product Catalogue 2019

Combi slate flashing

Table of sizes

  • SCX C2A
  • SCX C4A
  • SCX C6A
  • SCX F4A
  • SCX F6A
  • SCX M4A
  • SCX M6A
  • SCX M8A
  • SCX M10A
  • SCX P6A
  • SCX P8A
  • SCX S6A
  • SCX S8A
  • SCX U4A
  • SCX U8A

Combi slate flashing (SCX)

Suitable for installation of more than one window next to one another or above one another.

Roofing material: natural slates, manufactured, slates, shingle, asphalt, roofing felt, bitumen etc.

Not compatible with steel roofing connected by standing seam.


  • Parts depend on the type of the Installation

Product Catalogue 2019

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