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Product Catalogue 2019

Combi flashing

Table of sizes

  • UCX C2A
  • UCX C4A
  • UCX F4A
  • UCX F6A
  • UCX M4A
  • UCX M6A
  • UCX M8A
  • UCX M10A
  • UCX P6A
  • UCX P8A
  • UCX S6A
  • UCX S8A
  • UCX U4A
  • UCX U8A

Dakea Combi flashing (UCX) system offers you countless combinations for the most spectacular effect.

It is flexible and easy as you can compose your own solution in 3 easy steps with the use of simple interactive 'Compose your combination' tool

Dakea UCX combi flashing system is suitable for (16 – 120 mm): Tiles, profiled and high tile roofing materials. 

There are two main issues you need to consider before installation:

To see how they should be measured use the 'Compose your combination' tool

The system is composed from 7 basic parts (boxes) that enable installation of the desired combination - from two or more windows side-by-side to 2 windows above each other.

Technical parameters

Product Catalogue 2019

Easy installation accessories