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    Dakea (AMC100) Electrical opener and (ZAR) handle extension

    Having problems with access to the roof window? You'd like to install it really high?

    Choose - Dakea (AMC100) Electrical opener for an easy and flexible operation.

    The Dakea AMC 100 can be operated by a remote control and equipped with a rain sensor in order to improve the comfort of usage.

    The Dakea Electrical opener consists of a motor unit with all electrical connections, a rain sensor and a remote controller. The motor is placed in the bottom of the window frame and will handle the opening and closing of the window.

    The rain sensor makes the window close automatically when it is raining.

    Power supply voltage: 230V-240V - 50Hz
    Power consumption: 40W
    Mains cable: 2x0,75 mm2
    Mains cable length: 7m
    Max. operational opening length: 20 cm
    Duration of full opening time: 27s
    Operating temperature: -10°C - +40°C
    Protection degree of electric device: IP44
    Weight (net): 1,75kg
    Dimensions: 455×48×30 mm

    Having problems with access to the roof window? Looking for a cheap and simple solution?

    Dakea (ZAR) Rods are suitable for all Dakea windows. They are made of metal with a rubber “easy grip” and come in two lengths: 80 and 120 cm versions. 

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    Product Catalogue 2019

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