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Product Catalogue 2019

Blackout blinds

Table of sizes

  • DUR C2R
  • DUR C2A
  • DUR C4A
  • DUR F4A
  • DUR F6R
  • DUR F6A
  • DUR M4R
  • DUR M4A
  • DUR M6R
  • DUR M6A
  • DUR M8R
  • DUR M8A
  • DUR M10A
  • DUR P6A
  • DUR S6R
  • DUR S6A
  • DUR S8A
  • DUR U4A
  • DUR U8A

4219 - Beige

4233 - Yellow

4217 - Grey

4232 - Petrol blue

4212 - Dark blue

4249 - Black

4208 - White

4213 - Red

Blackout light - Blackout blind 

Our Blackout blind completely excludes light - turning day into night on demand, making it an excellent choice for bedroom light control. 

No cords and strings – our blackout blind simply slides inside a slim profile aluminium frame. 

This ‘Easy to use’ mechanism allows multi-positioning of the blind, giving easy control of light in the room, providing varying levels of brightness down to 100% blackout.

No washing - Hardwearing, dirt-resistant combination of polyester and lightproof rubber fabric makes the blind care-free and easy to clean without reinstallation. 

You will need less than 10 minutes to install our blind with a screwdriver, by following our step-by-step installation instructions, which come with all our products. Our blinds fit perfectly, require no cutting and can be assembled in 3 easy steps.

Step-by-step installation instructions included in the box. 

Dakea blinds are covered by 2 year guarantee.

Dakea Blackout blinds fit Dakea, VELUX®, FAKRO®, Optilight®, Keylite®, Starlite®, RoofLITE®, DAKSTRA®, roof windows. 

To choose a blind fitting your roof window, use the 'Search for blinds' tool

VELUX and the VELUX brand are registered trademarks of VELUX Group. FAKRO and the FAKRO brand are registered trademarks of FAKRO Group. Optilight and the Optilight brand are registered trademarks of FAKRO Group. Keylite and the Keylite brand are registered trademarks of the Keylite Group. Starlite and the Starlite brand are registered trademarks of the Keylite Group. DAKEA, DAKSTRA, RoofLITE are registered trademarks of the ALTATERRA Ltd.

Technical parameters

Product Catalogue 2019

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