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Product Catalogue 2019

Antiheat blinds

Table of sizes

  • MUR CxA
  • MUR FxA
  • MUR MxA
  • MIR PxA
  • MUR SxA
  • MUR UxA

Prevent over-heating and rain noise, permit the view - Antiheat blind

This is a truly great option for heat decrease during sunny days and rain noise reduction during bad weather. 

The external Antiheat blind is made of a semi-translucent, PVC coated net which pleasantly diffuses incoming light and prevents over-heating by stopping 80% of the sunlight without restricting the view. It protects the glass surface during rainfall, and significantly reduces noise. 

Discreetly fitted inside the hood of the window, the blind is protected when not in use.

Made of highly resilient material with PVC coated fibreglass, it is rot proof and dirt resistant. 

You will need less than 10 minutes to install your blind with a screwdriver, by following our step-by-step installation instructions, which come with all our products. Our blinds fit perfectly, require no cutting and can be assembled in 3 easy steps.

Step-by-step installation instructions included in the box. 

Dakea blinds are covered by 2 year guarantee.

Dakea Antiheat blinds fit Dakea, DAKSTRA®, RoofLITE® (product code: MIR) and VELUX® (product code: MUR) roof windows.

To choose a blind fitting your roof window, use the 'Search for blinds' tool

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Product Catalogue 2019

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