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This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) applies to the use of this Web service (“Service”).

This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) applies to the use of this Web service (“Service”). By using the Service you agree to the use of cookies under this Policy. If you do not agree to such use of cookies by the Service, either modify your browser settings or stop using the Service. The following information describes various types of cookies involved in the use of this Service and defines their purposes and dwell times in your device.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are files or bits of code that can be stored in your computer (or other unlocked device, such as a tablet or smartphone) while you visit Web sites. Typically, a cookie contains the name of the Web site of its origin, “lifetime stamp” (the dwell time in your device) and a unique value (usually a random number).

What Do We Use Cookies For?

We use Cookies to improve the functionality of the Service and personalize it so that it matches your interests and requirements. Cookies may be also used to speed up your navigation in the Service and optimize your experience. Further, we employ them to compile anonymous, aggregated statistical data that help us understand how the Service is used. Besides that, cookies help us enhance the contents and structure of the Service. We cannot establish your identity based on this information.

What Types Of Cookies Do We Use?

The Service can use two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. The former are temporary files that dwell in your device until you exit the Service. Persistent cookies reside in your device much longer or until manual deletion (the dwell time of a cookie depends on its “lifetime stamp” and the settings of your browser).

Also, some pages you visit employ pixeltags (also known as cleargifs) to capture information and, possibly, share it with third parties (direct contributors to our promotion campaigns and Web site development). For instance, details on how users navigate in our Service can be provided to advertising agencies to improve the positioning of advertising banners on our Web site pages. However, this information cannot be tracked back to you or your personal details.

Cookies Used By The DAKEA Web Site

Cookie typeFunctionDo these cookies capture my personal details or identify me?
Essential These cookies are necessary for correct operation of the Service. They enable you to navigate the Service and use its features. For instance, they remember your recent activity (such as the last text you read) and set you in the right place after your return to the page as part of the same session. These files will not reveal your identity. If you reject these cookies, the functionality of the whole or a part of the Service can be affected.
Performance These cookies help us understand how you use the Service by telling us what pages or sections you visited and what issues you encountered (such as error messages). Then we can improve the Service. These files will not reveal your identity. All information is captured and aggregated anonymously.
Functionality These cookies help our Web site remember your choices (user name, language or region) to personalize your on-line experience. They also enable videos, animations and social tools (such as blogs, chats and for a). The data recorded in the files can contain information traceable back to you, provided by yourself (e.g., user name or profile picture). We will always be honest with you on the data we capture, what we do with it and who we share it with. Unless you accept these cookies, the Web site functionality and contents accessible to you can be limited.
Used for product positioning / advertising We use these cookies to provide you with contents matched to your interests. They can be used for displaying or restricting the presentation of certain advertisements. They also help us to measure the efficiency of our campaigns and more. We may use these cookies to take note of the sites you have visited and share this information with third parties, such as advertisers and our agencies. Most of these cookies can identify you by your IP address, which enables capturing certain private data. Read the following sections to learn more about these cookies and how we use them.

Do We Use Third Party Cookies?

We use the services of many providers that can upload cookies to your device on our behalf while you are visiting the Service. These cookies enable third parties to provide their services. Read the following sections to learn more about these files and how to opt out of receiving them.

While you are visiting the Service, you may receive cookies coming from third parties (their Web sites or domains). We are trying to identify the files before they become enabled in our device so that you can make your own decision whether you want to accept them or not. Additional information on such cookies may be available on the third parties’ Web sites.

Can I Control Or Delete Cookies?

Most Web browsers are set to automatic accepting cookies by default. You can change these settings to have your browser block cookies or ask you whether to accept them in each instance. Consult your browser’s Help to learn how to modify its cookie control settings.

If you block our cookies, this can affect your access to the Service or its functionality. For instance, you may not be able to visit some sections or receive personalized information while browsing the Service.

If you use different devices for browsing the Service (e.g., PC, tablet or smartphone), you need to ensure that the browser in each of the devices is set to your preferences.

More Details

Session cookies: These cookies will be deleted from your device once you exit the Web site.

Persistent cookies: These cookies will not be deleted from your device after your leaving the Web site. They will reside in your device for a longer time.

PurposeFunctionDwell timeCookie details
Analysis / tracking Provide anonymous aggregated information on your browsing behaviour in the Service and on other Web sites. Session; no time limit; third-party defined lifetime. The Service uses the following Analytics Cookies & Web Beacons:
  • Google Analytics: Click here to learn more about Google Analytics.
PurposeFunctionDwell timeCookie details
Social media / information sharing Enable posting comments / rating pages / creating bookmarks and accessing social networks / Web tools. Third-party defined lifetime
  • Facebook: Click here to learn more about Facebook Connect or here for more about the Facebook Social Plug-In.
Miscellaneous cookies
PurposeFunctionDwell timeCookie details
Rich Media Support various functionalities of the DAKEA Web site, such as playing videos, using bonus codes or loyalty applications or downloading music. Session; no time limit; third-party defined lifetime
  • YouTube: Click here to learn more about
Others Support a multitude of other Service functionalities. Session; no time limit; third-party defined lifetime
  • Click here to learn more about
  • JSESSIONID: Click here to learn more about JSESSIONID.