Next 20 GuaranteeNext 20 Guarantee

Next 20 Guarantee - 20 years homeowner to homeowner transferable guarantee. Add value to your home when you resell or rent it on top of the peace of mind you get.

Dakea, 20 years of peace of mind ahead! 

Your comfort and safety is our priority! And our roof windows are a proof of that statement. Manufactured without any compromise to the highest European standard they are designed to last. Such is the confidence we have in their quality that they are guaranteed for up to 20 years. 

The Next 20 Guarantee system gives you a simple choice between 10 year legal guarantee and an extensive, unrivalled, free of charge 20 year product guarantee which we offer to our registered clients. Only clicks away! There are no hidden costs or conditions. All you need to do to make the most of the transferable home owner-to-home owner 20 year guarantee, increasing your home value and gaining an extra 10 years peace of mind, is to register online.

See detailed conditions of the Next 20 Guarantee

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Titan GlassTitan Glass

Titan Glass glazing unit is the new standard on the roof window market. Its innovative and unique composition offers home owners convenience and superb energy performance.

Convenience  Care free:

Save your time and money spent on window cleaning!

Titan Glass glazing unit offers an unparalleled reduction of dirt build up on the external surface of the window. 

How does it work?

During the manufacturing process a special microscopic titanium dioxide coating is applied directly to the surface of the glass. That titanium coating, once exposed to sunlight starts a dual-action process:

  1. Using a "photocatalytic" process, the coating reacts with ultra-violet rays present in natural daylight to break down and disintegrate organic dirt.
  2. Uses rain to wash away the disintegrated dirt. Making your window maintenance environmentally friendly and care free!

In addition to that, Titan Glass enables faster drying - leaving the glass clean, with reduced streaks, giving you beautifully clear views and making it ideal for all the exterior glass surfaces in your home. 

Superb energy performance:

The Titan Glass system has been designed specifically to make your home more comfortable and cosy during winter months and to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Reduced need for heating helps to save energy and protect the environment whilst saving you money on heating bills!

How does it work?

A transparent metallic coating, applied on the glass surface reflects heat from radiators or a fireplace back into the room. At the same time it allows free heat and light from the sun (passive solar heat gain) to pass through the glass, warming your home and contributing even more to the energy efficiency of your windows.  

On top of that, the excellent overall heat transfer coefficient of Uw 1.4 of our windows illustrates how well they conduct heat. Uw value measures the rate of heat transfer through the window over a given area, under standardized conditions (the usual standard is at a temperature gradient of 24°C, at 50% humidity with no wind).

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Max protectMax protect

We know that making a hole in a roof is something that has to be 100% secured.

Severe weather can affect the structural integrity of the house and by choosing the right window you can help reduce the risk of major damage.

Max Protect  solidity means safety

Your windows will be exposed to extreme weather conditions all year long.

Heavy snow, severe cold, unexpected heavy rain, and hail storms always make headlines.

Our products have to be ready to face Mother Nature’s mood changes.

Max Protect ensures you that:

  1. We have manufactured the window pane at our factory, to meet the highest standards and produce exclusive technology designed specifically for the needs of roof windows. 
  2. All our panes are toughened so that we can give you a lifetime guarantee against hail damage.
  3. We are part of a group that has 60 years experience in roof window construction. We know how to make a roof window that can resist hurricanes - moreover, these are exactly the kind of conditions in which their wind-load resistance and water tightness have been tested.
  4. All our windows and their performance are guaranteed by IFT Rosenheim independent certification.
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Master WoodMaster Wood

We guarantee that all our wood is certified, rigorously selected, Arctic Nordic Pine, which is known for excellent density and increased durability due to very harsh weather conditions of the region.

The Master Wood system stands for increased durability and advanced processing of our wood supplies.

We guarantee that all our wood is certified, rigorously selected, Arctic Nordic Pine, which is known for excellent density and increased durability due to very harsh weather conditions of the region.

Through our innovative processing system which is carried out in special shelter chambers we ensure an even de-moisturizing process as well as 100% protection against primary decay, fungal stain and insects. 

In addition, we use advanced GORI Wood Protection coating to ensure:

Increased UV protection - Prevention against the discolouring caused by UV-rays.

Microporousity protection - Wood releases its excess moisture content without damaging the stain coating, leaving the surface smooth and resistant.

Water repellant - Prevention against wood swelling caused by humidity, rain and water.

Easy maintenance - Coating degrades through erosion without accumulating coats. No need to sand or strip.

Anti-fungicide - Prevention against surface fungi.

Natural beauty - Translucent pigments used in the treatment enhance the wood's natural beauty. 

With such an outstanding wood quality we can ensure high strength, durability and solid shape of our windows and issue a 20 year home-owner to home-owner transferrable guarantee to secure your home and comfort for the years to come.

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Quick installQuick install

Underfelt foil collar reduces significantly the amount of time required for roof window installation.

It is made of stretchable, highly tear-resistant polystyrene, non-woven fabric with a vapour permeable polyurethane coating. 

Dakea Quick Install collar is made from one piece with no joints, so it ensures 100% water tightness and its squared surface pattern will help you to cut straight if necessary, making the installation even easier.

It is a technically advanced product designed to protect the roof and water-tightness of the construction. It is highly fire resistant, with a B1 rating under the DIN 4102 standard and has an increased temperature tolerance of -40°C to +80°C.

To increase the comfort and ease of the installation process free of charge, it comes included in the box with most Dakea roof windows. If the window you choose doesn’t include it – you can of course get it as an additional installation accessory.

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